‘Rampaging’ knifeman gunned down in Berlin Cathedral after charging at police

Shocking video shows the moment a knifeman is shot by police after charging at an officer close to the altar inside Berlin Cathedral.

The clip was taken this afternoon after police in the German capital where called to reports of an agitated man brandishing a blade .

It shows him charge at a cop, undeterred by pepper spray being fired at him, before another officer shoots him in the leg, making him collapse.

A witness inside the building said four shots were fired when the man, a 53-year-old Austrian, confronted police.

The clip shows the man appear to lash out at an officer, before running at his colleague, waving his arms around.

Stunned tourists were evacuated as the drama unfolded this afternoon, and police have confirmed an officer was hurt in the incident.

Helen Lee, who was in Berlin Cathedral at the time, told Mirror Online that she had been left "shook up" by the drama.

She said she heard yelling while she was in an upstairs bathroom, and then saw two police officers confront the man.

American tourist Helen, 21, who is on holiday in the German capital, said: "I saw the man walk towards one of the police and the police used his pepper spray.

"That aggravated the man and he charged at the police. The man was pretty aggressive and still yelling. That’s when I heard gun shots."

And she continued: "When I looked down again the man was on the ground and I found out from other people there that his leg got shot."

From her position she was unable to see if he had a knife, but she said she had seen him earlier acting in a strange manner close to the altar.

Helen, who was with a friend, said: "At that time he was just standing in front of the center of the alter.

"We were a bit curious as to what he was doing there but didn’t pay much attention."

The armed officer opened fire on the man after attempts to calm him failed, Berlin police said in the aftermath.

Large teams of police armed with machine guns descended on the 19th century landmark, and the area around the cathedral was sealed off.

It is understood that an officer was accidentally injured by the gunfire.

According to Welt , the man – a 53-year-old Austrian – caused panic when he brandished a knife before being shot. His injuries are not life threatening.

There is no evidence of it being terror related, Berlin police have said.

At the time there were around 100 people inside the cathedral, and a member of staff alerted police.

The man was acting in a "verbally aggressive" manner, Bild reports.

In a statement on Twitter, Berlin police said a "rampaging" man was shot at the cathedral, and suffered leg injuries.

The cathedral is an iconic 19th century church in the heart of the German capital.

Homicide officers are investigating the case, but this is standard when a service weapon is fired.

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