Rapper Yella Beezy 'arrested for carrying drugs and weapons' – six months after another arrest he claimed was 'a setup'

YELLA Beezy has reportedly been arrested for the second time in six months.

The rapper was arrested on Wednesday for possession of a controlled substance and unlawful carrying of a weapon, TMZ reported.

The drug charge is a felony and the weapons charge is a misdemeanor.

The arrest came just hours after Beezy posted on social media appearing to show law enforcement searching a car.

The video showed cops digging into the trunk and passenger door of an SUV that was pulled on the side of a road.

The footage was captioned "they stay fwm," an abbreviation for the term "f**king with me."

The cops had their blue and red lights flashing at the time the video was taken.

It comes just six months after Beezy was busted on weapon charges in Dallas. However, the artist claimed he was set up.

Just four weeks ago, Beezy posted a video on social media showing several guns and automatic rifles.

"Finally got to get my gun stuff back man from the little incident, what was that? Valentine's, when I went to jail," he said. "Free the game."

"Some glocks, ARs, chops," he said, while showing the tagged weapons.

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