Real Wolf of Wall Street once had sex in a plane cabin and 50ft underwater

The real Wolf of Wall Street has revealed the craziest places he has had sex, stretching from the limits of the sky to the depths of the ocean.

Jordan Belfort, whose decadent lifestyle was the subject of the 2013 movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, gained a reputation for his lavish exploits while in his twenties.

A stock-broker by trade, the American spent time in prison for committing stock-market related crimes before releasing a book ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’, which was subsequently adapted into the award winning film of the same name.

Now almost 60, he has given interviews looking back on his wild womanising early behaviour without regret.

And, asked by model Julia Rose on her ‘Sh*tshow’ podcast about his craziest one-night stand experiences, Jordan didn’t struggle to find an answer.

“Obviously, I’ve done the whole up in the air mile high club… we did that back when I was in my twenties,” he explained.

“I did the mile high club in a first class cabin in the seat, while we were flying with other people.

Julia was incredulous, asking: “How did you pull that off?”

Jordan was laid-back, responding: “With cover over us, but she sat on my lap, and we had sex right in the plane – I’m not going to say which wife it was with.

“We had sex, pretty serious sex, with two covers… So that’s probably an interesting place.”

But, not content to settle with in-flight copulation, the former stock-broker had more, remembering: “I had sex while I was scuba-diving at like 50 feet.

“How do you have sex while scuba diving? It’s like, ‘I love sex and I love scuba diving – let’s do it together’,” laughed co-host Becca Vlaszof.

The so-called Wolf of Wall Street didn’t explain the ins and outs, but did describe how the event occurred as part of his extravagant lifestyle, sailing around the Americas on his yacht.

“Before my yacht sank, I used to have these wild, wild trips. We used to take the boat, at certain points it was in Florida, so we used to go from Florida to Bimini, and it was awfully great,” he continued.

Acknowledging that he couldn’t get away with these escapades nowadays, Jordan recalled how one party got so out of control that he had to abandon some guests on a nearby island, before rescuing them later on with a helicopter.

While some may feel Jordan's lifestyle was over-exuberant, he claims to not hold any regrets.

"There's things that you do in your twenties that are totally f***ing cool and correct that you would never do in your forties and fifties, so I'm not upset at anything I did, I'm not even embarrassed at all," he stressed.

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