Residents in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood going on seventh day without natural gas

Some residents in Denver’s Elyria-Swansea neighborhood are going on their seventh day without natural gas service, meaning people haven’t had hot water in their homes and some are unable to cook because they use gas stoves.

Xcel Energy reported a gas main break on July 28 near the intersection of 48th Avenue and Clayton Street after a water line damaged gas lines. As of Tuesday morning, 150 customers remained without gas service.

“As a result of this damage, water poured from the third party’s water line, entering our gas system and extensively damaging it as well as our customers’ gas meters. This has resulted in the outages we’ve seen in the last several days,” Xcel spokeswoman Michelle Aguayo wrote in an email to The Denver Post.

About 700 customers lost natural gas service and Xcel slowly has been restoring service as lines are repaired.  Xcel hopes to get most customers back online Tuesday, Aguayo said. The project is taking longer than planned, she said.

Xcel brought a taco truck to the neighborhood to serve food to residents and has provided vouchers for showers at a YMCA and community center. However, residents late last week were growing frustrated with continued disruptions in their neighborhood.

Already, they have dealt with the Interstate 70 project for the better part of two years. That project has created dust, noise and traffic detours. The gas line repairs led to more traffic detours, causing access to the neighborhood difficult, neighbors said.

Xcel opened a command center at Lorraine Granado Park on Steele Street, where residents can ask questions about the ongoing work. And Xcel will continue to provide food and other services while the work is ongoing, Aguayo said.


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