Rick Moranis attack part of trend de Blasio can’t, or won’t, solve

“Ghostbusters” star Rick Moranis, 67, got clocked by a passerby in an I [Heart] NY sweatshirt who punched him in the head without warning. Moranis, stunned, found himself picking himself off the pavement on Central Park West with pain in his head, back and hip.

Isolated incident, or the latest in a worrying trend?

August 23: a 66-year-old man was walking west on West 129th Street when a man came up and smashed him on the back of the head several times with a bottle.

July 27: a 68-year-old woman standing on the L train platform at Sixth Avenue and 14th Street was kicked and struck by a man who then pushed her on the tracks. “Being that he called her a ‘cracker,’ we are thinking it’s just because she’s white,” said the victim’s daughter.

July 17: an 89-year-old woman walking near 16th Avenue and 77th Street in Bensonhurst was slapped by two men who came up behind her. One of them set her shirt on fire with a match or lighter.

June 12: a 92-year-old woman hit her head on a fire hydrant after a man passing by casually shoved her to the ground near Gramercy Park. “When they helped me up, I said ‘what happened’ because I didn’t even know what happened. It was completely out of the blue,” the woman said. Rashid Brimmage, 31, of the Bronx, was later charged in the attack, the 103rd time he’d been arrested in New York City.

June 10: a 78-year-old woman walking in Bushwick was struck in the head by a man walking by. Video of the incident showed the man reacting as though he was the victim of an offense.


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