Robert E. Lee monument mysteriously toppled… but Black Lives Matter protesters say ‘Mother Nature did it’ – The Sun

MOTHER Nature is bringing 'justice' to Virginia, supposedly knocking down a Robert E. Lee memorial in downtown Roanoke.

Activist group “No Justice No Peace — Roanoke” quickly commended yesterday's high winds for helping their cause.

"We had nothing to do with this, and we can admire the work of what I assume was Mother Nature, Fate and Justice," the group said on Facebook.

The obelisk memorial, which was found knocked down by a Roanoke officer driving by Lee Plaza, is seen in pictures lying flatly among a throng of trees, the obelisk cleanly separated from its pedestal base.

The Roanoke Police Department, however, has said its preliminary investigation and evidence indicates the monument was intentionally damaged.

In a statement, Roanoke Mayor Sherman Lea wrote “it is an unfortunate incident, but this will not deter us from going through the legal process to remove the monument,” referring to the city council's plan to host a town hall next month to remove the monument.

"We have a public hearing scheduled for the second Council meeting in August to allow citizens to give their input on this matter, and we will proceed based upon the outcome of the public hearing," he continued.

Roanoke had been in a record 22-day heatwave when storms broke out Wednesday night, with winds reaching over 35MPH and saw some areas threatened with flooding.

The monument could potentially celebrate its 60th birthday this fall. It was dedicated by the Daughters of the Confederacy on October 5, 1960.

It was recently spray-painted with the words "Rest in Power Heather Heyer" in 2017, following Heyer's murder at a protest in Charlottesville.

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