Rogue Oktoberfest parties add to Germany’s coronavirus second wave worries

Rogue Oktoberfest events are sparking fears of a deadly second coronavirus wave in Germany, despite the world-famous beer festival being officially scrapped.

Oktoberfest was cancelled for the first time since WII because of Covid-19 but that hasn’t stopped some revellers who have continued to celebrate the occasion.

Dozens of bars in Germany are planning their own boozy spin-off events dubbed Pub Oktoberfest, or WirtshausWiesn, in German.

It is estimated around 50 pubs will take part in the events, and festive fairgrounds have already popped up in the city.

The parties have sparked fears of a potentially lethal second wave of coronavirus as cases surge across Europe.

One pub, the Iron Hill Brewary in Germany, said on Twitter: "Look at Sunday's best over here! Oktoberfest is at Iron Hill, and we've got German food in spades, like our Huhner Schnitzel, Oktoberfest egg rolls, Jaeger Schnitzel, and of course, Oktoberfest lager in cans and on draft! Stop by to enjoy some delicious German spread."

A second boasted: "Celebrate Oktoberfest at @MaumeeBayBrew today until 8pm. They've got live music, beer, food, German dancing and more!"

Health experts fear life-saving social distancing measures and masks will got out of the window once the beer starts flowing.

New infections in Germany have now reached the highest level since April, the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) announced on Saturday with 2,297 new infections recorded in just 24 hours.

Munich and Bavaria have been particularly badly affected, with the number of new infections per 100,000 reaching 50.7 on Friday.

Government officials have faced criticism for the rise, and ministers have urged for tighter restrictions and a heavy enforcement.

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Top German virologist Christian Drosten has already warned the situation in Germany could quickly "escalate like other European countries."

Despite fears, Germany still remains exempt from the Foreign and Commonwealth's advice against all non-essential international travel.

There are also currently no general coronavirus-related restrictions on travellers who wish to enter into Germany from the UK.

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