Roy Green: Is Vice-Admiral Mark Norman a victim of a petty streak of anger?

As Amanda Connolly of Global News tweeted, Justin Trudeau twice, in April 2017 and then February 2018, stated publicly the case then evolving around Vice-Admiral Mark Norman would find its way to a Canadian courtroom.

Specifically, in 2017, Trudeau’s words were that the matter would “likely end up before the courts.” In February 2018, the prime minister of Canada spoke with even greater conviction. Norman’s case would “inevitably” lead to “court processes.”

What makes these statements by Trudeau particularly relevant is that Norman was not criminally charged until March of 2018.

Does this sound vaguely familiar? Like maybe Justin Trudeau was exerting his considerable influence on federal prosecutors to be certain to proceed against the vice-admiral?

Where have we recently heard similar accusations of PM/PMO meddling with the independent federal prosecutor’s office?

Canada’s Attorney General David Lametti, though, insists what has taken place throughout the legal assault on Norman, and particularly in the last 72 hours, proves the system is working as it should.

Let’s think about that.

How is it that Norman came to be charged at all when evidence which served to absolve the vice-admiral would have been in the possession of the RCMP and the federal government?

Questions are being asked about whether the Trudeau government failed to provide Norman’s prosecutors with such information, thereby also keeping it from the defence counsel during disclosure.

Not insignificant is that the criminal charge against Norman has been stayed, not dismissed. Why might that be? Staying a charge technically keeps it alive for a year and wouldn’t that provide cover for any politicians who may yet find themselves under pressure to speak the truth to dodge questions about the case?

The question, though, which is roaring for an answer is why was the charge placed against Norman in the first instance? Was it political petulance/interference at the highest level? Petulance by a government and PM which and who did not intend to be held to an agreement on military procurement arrived at during the tenure of Stephen Harper.

It’s hard to argue no, considering Prime Minister Trudeau predicted publicly Vice-Admiral Norman would find himself in court before any charge was laid against him.

Roy Green is the host of the Roy Green Show on the Global News Radio network.

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