Rudy Giuliani bizarrely demands evidence Trump DIDN’T win the election – even though Biden got more votes

RUDY Giuliani has kicked off once again about the presidential election, this time demanding evidence Trump didn’t win – even though Biden got more votes.

Judges have repeatedly thrown out of court legal challenges made by Giuliani and others over claims about voter fraud but Donald Trump’s personal attorney has continued to insist the incumbent president actually won the election.

According to the votes as they stand, Joe Biden won the race to the White House with more than 81million people voting for the Democrat, compared with 74m people who gave their support to Trump.

Giuliani, 76, made his latest wild claims on his radio show Sunday, saying voting machines were not “honest” and that states did not want to look at his accusations.

He said he “guaranteed” that “Donald Trump will be president of the United States” once voting machines had been investigated.

Giuliani also took a swipe a Dominion, the company behind the voting machines, and accused them of being crooked and going “all the way back to a bunch of communists!”

It was reported on Saturday Giuliani had asked the Department of Homeland Security about seizing the voting machines but “was told the department does not have the authority to do such a thing.”


Continuing his rant on his show, Giuliani said: “I can smell crooks! Smell ’em! And these crooks smell so bad, you can smell ’em from a mile.

“Now PROVE ME WRONG! PROVE ME NUTS! They love to say I’m nuts on left-wing bullcr*p companies, so prove me wrong.”

He also labelled John Poulos, the chief executive of Dominion, a “Canadian liar” after the company boss had pushed back on the conspiracy theories about election fraud.

The former mayor of New York City also took aim at his fellow Republicans, asking if they were “too afraid of Dominion.”

“I find you, the Republican turncoats, the Republican quislings, the REAL villains there!” he declared. “You’re acting like Dominion owns you!”

Giuliani added: “I could be wrong about all this, but I’m willing to stake my reputation on it… Let me do the machines.”


Later on in the show Giuliani once again turned his ire on “quisling Republicans” urging people to go to state capitols to “put pressure” on them.

President Trump also called in saying he had spoken to Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville, who has publicly said he may challenge the election results when Congress takes it up.

Giuliani once again turned his attention to unfounded theories that Dominion votes had been sent to and tabulated in Germany, “based on its connection with Smartmatic, which it denies.”

“It denies that it sent any votes out of the country. We have definitive proof that it did. Definitive proof,” Giuliani said.

Rising to the theme, Giuliani also claimed “they were also counting votes in Barcelona and they were sending folks to Venezuela… [and] Iran.”

He again attacked Dominion’s CEO and accused him of lying.

Both Dominion and Smartmatic have publicly demanded retractions and threatened legal action over claims made by Giuliani and others.


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