Russia conscripts boarding buses to Ukraine drunk ‘Cannon fodder’

Russia conscripts boarding buses to Ukraine

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Russian conscripts have been filmed boarding buses to Ukraine “drunk” as recruits go on vodka fuelled drinking sessions ahead of deployment to the frontline. A video reportedly recorded in the Russian enclave of Kalingrad appears to show soldiers boarding Russian army buses boozed up and in the full knowledge that “they are cannon fodder.”

The man behind the camera described the scene: “Here they brought the boys from Kaliningrad. On buses, buses are full. To go to Ukraine

“They are all drunk looking for vodka, they want to at least get drunk before death, asking where the shops are.

“I’m in the airport of Khrabrovo city, Kaliningrad oblast. Today is 25 October.

“The boys understand they are cannon fodder, I spoke to them.

“Many cops here, they don’t let talk too much.”

Waving off the buses, he adds: “Alright, guys. To the meat slaughterhouse.”

It comes after drunken Russian soldiers were filmed in a bloody brawl with officers at a military base in Eastern Russia.

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The man holding the camera said: “Mobilised men are fighting crowd on crowd.

“Look… they are even dragging some of them to the fields.

“Some are jumping over here across a fence. This is a really tough fight.

“Those who pass out are dragged away. They are beating each other really, really hard.

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“They are just crushing the guys.

“Some needs assistance, help.”

“These guys are from intelligence,” he added.

“They are knocking down [the mobilised soldiers].”

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