Russia kidnaps 200 Ukrainian citizens to an unknown destination for ‘filtration’

Russian soldiers have kidnapped 200 Ukrainian citizens and sent them to an “unknown” destination for so-called “filtration”, the Ukrainian army has announced.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine made theterrible announcementthat residents of Boiove, a small village near Mariupol, were forcibly taken from their homes on March 1.

“Filtration” measures are interrogation procedures conducted by Russian forces with civilians on occupied Ukrainian territories, which may lead to torture and kidnapping, theKyiv Independent reported.

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War watchdog Conflict Observatoryreleased a reportin August last year claiming that 21 filtration camps are being run by Russia in Ukraine.

The camps are reportedly used for processing Ukrainian civilians before they are forcibly sent to Russia for unknown purposes.

It is not known how many of these camps are currently being run in the country.

Ukraine’s military added that Russia-linked mercenaries were moving into the houses of forcibly displaced citizens as Russia’s campaign of terror continues, even though the majority of Boiove residents have refused to give up their land.

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This is despite mounting pressure from representatives of “occupation authorities” to hand over homes in the village, estimated to take up less than five square kilometres.

Boiove lies in the Donetsk Oblast (region), which is home to a breakaway part of Ukraine that sided with Russia during the Donbas war in 2014.

The breakaway region calls itself Donetsk People's Republic, which has only been recognised by Russia, Syria and North Korea.

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A handful more countries supported the region’s recognition, including Belarus, Sudan and Venezuela.

The region’s sovereignty was a major reason Russia cited for its invasion of Ukraine, which argued that it had a “duty” to protect Russian-speaking people in the region.

So far, Ukrainian forces have managed to hold off Russian forces moving past eastern and southern parts of the country.

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