Russia launches 2,500km-range cruise missile from warship in unnerving video

This is the moment Russia launches one of its long-range cruise missiles from a warship in the Black Sea off the coast of Crimea, which it annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

The Kalibr cruise missiles have a range of 2,500km (1,500 miles) and have been previously used to target areas in Syria under the control of ISIS.

In dramatic video footage, a jet of fire shoots out as the missile blasts off from the Admiral Essen warship.

A deafening roar is then heard as the missile cuts through the air at speeds of around 500mph, with its path tracked by supersonic fighter jets.

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The missile successfully hit its target which was recorded using drones, according to military chiefs.

Russians on social media praised the clip, with one writing: “Glory to the Russian Navy and the whole army.

“That's what the authorities need to provide, everyone.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin boasted back in November that Russia has “unbeatable” laser weapons and hypersonic missiles – which fly at faster than the speed of sound.

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He said: “We plan to build up our defence capability, commissioning hypersonic, laser, and other new weapons systems that other countries don’t have.”

In an apparent jibe, Putin even claimed to have offered US President Donald Trump the opportunity to buy some of Russia’s new weapons systems.

“I’ve told Donald: Do you want us to sell it [hypersonic weaponry] to you?” he said.

Russia has been upping its missile testing in recent months, with the exercises being broadcast on state-sponsored television.

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In September, Russia filmed its Northern Fleet firing nuclear-capable "dagger" missiles into the sky.

The same month, Putin’s war chiefs showed off the Onyx missile , which was fired in the Arctic Circle.

According to its military, the missile flew 220 miles from Chukotka – close to the US state of Alaska – to strike a sea target.

Tensions in the Arctic region are growing as it is believed there is oil, gold, diamonds and gas worth trillions of dollars hidden beneath the melting ice.

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