Russia-Ukraine LIVE: Scholz throws Kiev under bus – signals huge capitulation to Putin

Russia invading Ukraine to cause consequences at home says Biden

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The German Chancellor flew to Moscow on Tuesday to meet with Russia’s Vladimir Putin in a bid to ease tension. Following the visit, Scholz said NATO membership “is not on the agenda for Ukraine”, instead saying it is “a question of leadership ability”.

He added: “Everyone must step back a bit here and make it clear to themselves that we just can’t possibly have a military conflict over a question that is not on the agenda.”
Following the meeting, Mr Putin insisted Russia did not want war but said Ukraine’s NATO bid must be killed “now”.


Russia would ‘overwhelm Ukraine’

Speaking on Sky News Ben Wallace said Russia would “overwhelm Ukraine” if tropps were deployed. 

An estimated 130,000 troops are at the border with Ukraine.

The Defence Secretary said: “There’s over 100 battalion tactical groups of the Russian ground forces, that’s 60 percent of the entire Russian land combat power on the borders of Ukraine.”

Mr Wallace will meet with other NATO defence secretaries in Brussels over the next two days.

He added: “That’s why we’re all here at Nato today and tomorrow to try and work together to reduce tensions and try and de-escalate, but it’s a very significant force, it’s a force that would overwhelm Ukraine should it be deployed and I think that’s why we need to see clear de-escalation by the removal of troops at the same time as enter into discussion with Russia.”

Russia hasn’t taken ‘foot off the gas’, says Defence Secretary

UK Defence Secretary has warned that we should still be cautious “until we see a proper de-escalation”.

On Tuesday Vladimir Putin said some of the 130,000 troops surrounding Ukrains had been withdrawn. 

But Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said Russia hasn’t “taken its foot off the gas”.

Mr Wallace said: “I think what we haven’t seen is evidence of withdrawal that has been claimed by the Kremlin, in fact we’ve seen continued build-up of things like field hospitals and strategic weapons systems.

“I think the reality is … that we’ll take Russia at its word, but we’ll judge them on their actions.”

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