Russian driver booked after getting 2,000 tickets

A Russian man was pulled over on Monday and found to have an expired licence. It turns out that was just one of a whopping 2,000 traffic violations.

In video footage shared by the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, an official says road patrol officers in Moscow were stopping vehicles to do document checks.

The unnamed 34-year-old driver was stopped and asked to get out of his BMW. When he refused, one of the officers in the video smashed his driver’s side window.

“The man was asked to get out of the car but he wouldn’t, so he was removed,” the official says in Russian.

Later in the video, the man can be seen in a building talking to a police officer, who sorts through papers that are presumably his various violations.

At the station, the video says, it was discovered that the man also had 184 unpaid fines.

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