Russian firm launches aftershave that smells like fighter jet cockpit

The perfect gift for a man who wants to smell like a cockpit: Russian defence firm launches aftershave that ‘captures the scent’ of the inside of their new fighter jet

  • A Russian defence giant, founded by Putin, has launched a brand new aftershave
  • ‘Checkmate’ comes alongside a brand new stealth fighter jet – the Sukhoi Su-75
  • The aftershave is meant to smell like the cockpit of the jet – with odours of metal, leather and glass

A defence giant founded by Russian President Putin has launched a brand new aftershave meant to small like a fighter jet – with essences of metal, leather and glass.   

Rostec, a state-owned firm, partnered with the Perfumers Guild of Russia to release the new scent called Checkmate.

The spray has been created to smell like the cockpit in one of Russia’s new stealth fighter jet. 

The aftershave has been released to promote the Kremlin’s new Rostec’s fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-75 ‘Checkmate’ warplane.

Russian defence giant Rostec, a state-owned firm set up by President Vladimir Putin, has partnered with the Perfumers Guild of Russia to release a new aftershave called Checkmate

The company has launched the spray to support the launch of its brand new stealth jet, the Sukhoi Su-75 – and has been designed with scents of leather, metal and glass to give the impression of the jet’s cockpit

The light, single engine tactical fighter can reportedly fly at speeds of 1.8 times the speed of sound, has a range of 3,000 kilometers and a payload of 7,400 kg.

It is tipped to hit the skies in 2023.

Checkmate aftershave bottles are modelled on a black chess piece and it uses the strapline ‘turn the chess board’ – appearing to liken war to a game.

A sinister Rostec video plugging the scent also features a Sukhoi Su-75 bomber, and a narrator who sounds like something out of Squid Game.

Speaking over ominous music, a narrator says: ‘While the majority are hesitating, there is a handful of those who change the world.

In a trailer for the new aftershave, Rostec also included images of their new stealth jet (pictured)

‘While the majority are playing by the rules, a few rewrite the rules to suit themselves.

‘Only special pieces can turn the tide of the game.

‘Checkmate is a fifth-generation fragrance, for masters of the game.’

The advert comes amid rising tensions between Russia and NATO allies.

Russia is reportedly amassing troops on the Ukrainian border sparking fears of another invasion.

It also sent nuclear bombers to patrol the skies over Belarus earlier this month, supporting dictator Alexander Lukashenko, who stands accused of orchestrating a migrant crisis by pushing asylum seekers towards the Polish border.

Checkmate aftershave bottles are modelled on a black chess piece and it uses the strapline ‘turn the chess board’

A Rostec spokesperson said: ‘Checkmate fighter jet-scented perfume created in Russia

‘The notes of the fragrance combine the scents of glass, natural leather and metals used in the construction of the fuselage, engines and cockpit of the aircraft.’

But some people mocked the product on social media, with one person blasting: ‘Please tell me, what are ‘scents of glass’, adding that it ‘sounds like asbestos.’

Another person quipped: ‘Awesome, can’t start my day without kerosene.’

Pictured: A prototype for the Su-75 fighter jet which was unveiled at an exhibition of the Dubai Airshow 2021

A third troll slammed: ‘The perfume is stealth perfume so it’s actually water.’

President of the Perfumers Guild of Russia Oksana Chernyshova said: ‘This technogenic chord permeates everything: from the creation of the machine by Russian designers and engineers to the aircraft itself, which is just as much a living being consisting of metal structures and mechanisms.

‘And it also breathes as it flies and feeds on the fuel!’

Limited edition bottles of Checkmate perfume were touted at the Dubai Airshow in UAE this week, where the jet prototype was also showcased.

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