‘Russian Popeye’s’ fake biceps explode as bodybuilder quits YouTube MMA fight

A Russian bodybuilder, dubbed 'Popeye' for his gigantic enhanced biceps, was forced to bow out of a scrap after his trademark arms burst during the action.

Kirill Tereshin, 25 and from Pyatigorsk, uploaded clips of the gruesome injury to YouTube last Saturday where he goes by the name "Bazooka Hands" ("Руки Базуки").

In the comments the former soldier said: "Burst my biceps during the fight, this is the end."

Kirill rose to fame online over the past few years, sharing pictures of his freakishly big upper arms that look completely out of place on his skinny physique.

In fairness to him, they'd look out of place on a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

As is obvious, Kirill didn't acquire his guns in the gym. At 20-years-old the aspiring bodybuilder started injecting his biceps with Synthol oil, a chemical known within the bodybuilding community as 'posing oil' as it immediately enhances muscle size.

Synthol oil is predictably very dangerous, often leading to misshapen muscles and muscle fibrosis. Kirill has since gone through two rounds of surgery to remove dead muscle and skin after doctors warned he may lose his arms.

In the past he has admitted that this was "due to my own stupidity".

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Unfortunately for Kirill, it seems like one of the side effects of Synthol oil isn't increased strength or MMA abilities.

In 2019 he fought fellow Russian online personality blogger Oleg Mongol in the cage. Kirill and his tree trunk arms were battered by his normal-sized opponent and Popeye was forced to tap out.

In the same year he decided to take on Russia's face-slapping champion Vasiliy 'The Dumpling' Kamotskiy at his own game, which is a surprising big sport over there. Kirill came out of the contest half awake and barely able to stand.

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He now has smaller biceps following the surgeries and appeared to be faring well in his latest bout against a man called Rashad, until of course his juiced-up muscles failed him.

In the video Kirill can be seen holding up his left arm and pointing to a grim deep purple wound, pixelated for the sake of his fans.

Commenters weren't too impressed with Bazooka Hands, with one describing his technique as "mediocre" before saying he was "ashamed".

The video itself has more dislikes than likes, perhaps meaning that this would be a wise time to hang up the gloves as his "this is the end" comment suggests is the plan.

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