Russian spy killed on ‘top secret’ Ukraine operation in fresh blow for Putin

A Russian spy has been killed in a "top-secret" operation in Ukraine, taking the total number of commanders lost by Vladimir Putin to 12.

GRU military intelligence spy Captain Alexey Glushchak, from Tyumen, Siberia, died in the carnage that took place in the city of Mariupol, in the south-east of the country.

Details of the 31-year-old's death have not been released, but it marks the first acknowledgement from Moscow that one of their GRU agents has been lost in the conflict with Ukraine.

The GRU is Russia's leading intelligence agency and was behind the poisoning with Novichok of its former spy Sergei Skripal – who had defected to Britain – in Salisbury.

A statement said: "Due to the strict secrecy of the military operation, the circumstances of the death of the Tyumen hero are not disclosed."

Reports suggest that the military intelligence officer had called his wife and mother to congratulate them on International Women's Day in the morning.

The two women learned of Glushchak's death later the same evening, with reports indicating that the Russian spy will be posthumously decorated.

Glushchak was buried with full military honours and the father-of-one also received a guard of honour.

While Moscow has given no up-to-date total of how many have died or official acknowledgement of claimed death tolls in the invasion of Ukraine, they have named a small handful of those killed, including several generals.

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Reports from The Sun say that it is taking two weeks to transport the bodies of dead Russian soldiers back to relatives, many of which live in the Far East of Russia, thousands of miles from the invasion of Ukraine.

The death of 24-year-old Corporal Danil Novolodsky is one of the few acknowledgements made by Russia, with Putin signing an Order of Courage for the senior gunner.

A total of 12 Russian military commanders have now been killed in battle since the start of the invasion of Ukraine.

Putin's military leaders have suffered heavy blows, with Colonel Andrei Zakharov killed in a Ukrainian ambush near Kyiv, as well as General Vitaly Gerasimov, who was killed outside Kharkiv.

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