Saleswoman suffers miscarriage only to be sacked two weeks after telling bosses

A successful saleswoman was sacked from her role just days after suffering a miscarriage.

Megan Byrne, 25, lost her baby last month and told her bosses about it.

She took two days off, but two weeks later she had her contract terminated.

Megan said as far as she was aware she was doing well at logistical data company Transport Exchange Group where she had worked for one year.

She said she only ever had positive feedback and got on with her colleagues.

She suffered the devastating loss of her first pregnancy on October 11.

Megan, who lives with her boyfriend in Hillingdon, west London, said she wasn't given any explanation when she lost her job.

She claims it was because her all-male team found out because of the miscarriage that she and her partner were trying for a baby.

She slammed the sacking as "disgusting."

Megan said: "On the October 11, I suffered a miscarriage.

"It is such a coincidence that this has happened all at the same time as Megan Markle spoke about her miscarriage.

"I took two days off but came back to work on the Wednesday, simply because of anxiety, I wanted to let my team know I was still there, even though my performance wouldn't be as good.

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"It was a traumatic time mentally as well.

"I told them on the Monday that I couldn't come in because I was in a lot of pain.

"I worked in a male dominated office so I didn't feel comfortable telling my colleagues what had happened specifically but I did tell the HR officers and sent them my documentation.

"They said not to worry and that they would be there for me.

"I then did a whole week of work and even worked at the weekend.

"On the October 26, I got a call from HR who simply told me that it doesn't look good for me and fired me then and there with no reason.

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"I thought after everything I'd been through, there was no support at all.

"My performance was down because I was suffering the loss of a child.

"I would start work at 8am and I got the call at twenty to nine. I had already been logged out of all the systems.

"It's just how they treat people, especially women. It's been very hard for me."

Megan claims that when she pushed them for a reason behind the sacking, she was simply told only that she was "no longer required for the business."

She says that one week earlier, she was told she was doing well.

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Throughout the year, she even trained new members of staff at the company, based in Harrow, which has up to 70 employees.

Megan said that in the whole organisation there were only five other women and only one was in a managerial position.

She added: "I was doing really well for the company, I was bringing in revenue and they've really done me over.

"I don't respect it, especially in this climate. I could understand if I had done something wrong.

"It's despicable really. I have had to sign on job seekers allowance and I have bills to pay.

"How they can treat people so heartlessly, I just think it is disgusting."

She shared conversations between herself and her manager who told her he was impressed with her "high standard" of work.

To make matters worse, immediately after she was fired, her colleagues were sent an email stating she had left the company, giving her no time to appeal.

In a letter to Megan dated November 10, Head of HR Zemina Calder wrote to say she felt Megan should have appealed the firing.

She wrote: "For your information, I say this bearing in mind the issues you have mentioned in respect of your miscarriage.

"Whilst this played no active part in the decision to end your employment, I took the view that it would perhaps have gone some way to explaining issues evident at work and I felt that in those circumstances, appealing the decision would have been something that may well have altered the decision."

She went on to wish her the very best for the future before signing off.

Megan has now landed a new role as an Account Manager in a larger company which she will begin in December.

The Transport Exchange Group has been contacted for comment.

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