Sarashina Horii, Specializing in Soba Noodles, Opens

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By Florence Fabricant


Sarashina Horii

The history of this restaurant, which specializes in soba noodles, goes back to 1789 when it started serving its noodles to aristocrats and the imperial families in Japan. Using the heart of the buckwheat seeds, its soba is white, making it more delicate and refined. Yoshinori Horii, who runs the company, decided that New York would be its first overseas branch, but the pandemic stalled the opening. In the warmly decorated New York restaurant, the chef Tsuyoshi Hori (the name is a coincidence) and his staff make the soba that they use. They also make more traditional buckwheat soba using some wheat flour, and diners can select which type of soba they prefer. There are more than a dozen soba dishes, cold and hot, many served with tempura and involving seafood, meats like duck, and vegetables. Several sauce options are also available. In addition, the restaurant offers appetizers like deep fried tofu, grilled eel with eggplant, crab cake, fish carpaccio and a soba roll. Salads, tempura dishes, black cod with miso, sukiyaki, and stone-grilled duck with vegetables are some non-soba items. (Opens Wednesday)

45 East 20th Street, 212-674-6714,

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