Scantily-clad models expose breasts on busy street as kids watch racy display

Shocked families accused scantily-clad models of turning their street into a “porn set” after they stripped down to racy underwear in front of kids on a packed street in Costa del Sol.

Fuming locals watched on as women got out of a van before one whipped off her bra to expose her naked breasts to pose for a cameraman.

But although parents and OAPs were left horrified, not everyone was complaining and a group of blokes sat opposite cheered them on as they stripped their clothes off.

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The odd scenes took place near Atarazanas Market in Malaga, the city’s central market and one of its architectural gems, around midday on Tuesday (November 29).

City hall officials have launched an urgent probe into the daring photoshoot after they admitted it not been authorised.

Some of the leering lads watching the models undress were clearly loving the X-rated display and could be overheard yelling “get it off” to the woman who ended up exposing her boobs while she was still wearing a skirt over her underwear.

Others weren’t so keen on the pulse-racing display, with a seething photographer commenting on the scenes: “I see things like this and it makes me feel sick.”

While someone else raged: “Shameful that something like this happens on the streets in front of children and families.”

Another onlooker accused the cheering men of being pre-historic, adding: “It’s obviously been a while since they’ve seen a woman naked.

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“But obviously doing something like this on a public street at this time of the day is totally unacceptable. The police should have been called.”

The brazen display took place in spite of plummeting temperatures in the area reaching a chilly 11 degrees Celsius.

Cops are now trying to find the models responsible so they can issue a fine.

Authorities have introduced a crackdown on anti-social behaviour in the Spanish holiday destination, with chiefs even introducing fines of £650 for having inflatable penises and sex dolls to discourage hen and stag parties.

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