Scottish man wanted on rape charges may have faked his own death: police

A Scottish man visiting the U.S. may have faked his own disappearance and death, police say.

Kim Gordon was visiting Monterey County in California with his 17-year-old son. According to CBS News, on Feb. 27, Gordon’s son called 911 saying that his father went for a swim and never returned to shore.

Authorities searched the water for 20 hours, but the Monterey County Sheriff’s Office never found him, and said that no one saw Gordon go into the water or come out of it.


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The sheriff’s office said that although they interviewed the son twice, his story wasn’t adding up when it came to how he and his father got to Monterey County.

Now, the sheriff’s office says they think Gordon faked his disappearance. “The story we were given by the son can’t answer those questions and that’s where it all starts to fall apart and that’s what led to where we are today and why we think what we think,” said a spokesperson for the sheriff’s office.

Gordon is facing 24 rape counts in Scotland, they say.

The U.S. Marshal is now involved in the search and will be the ones working directly with Scottish authorities, according to CBS.

Gordon’s son was initially taken into custody by child protective services, but is now back in Scotland.

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