SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh Accused Of Holding Woman Down & Trying To Force Sex

Supreme Court nominee has been accused of alleged sexual misconduct by an unnamed woman when they were both in high school, a new report claims. Find out more about the allegation here.

Senator Dianne Feinstein handed over a letter to the FBI on September 12 that reportedly contained an allegation of sexual misconduct by Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The content of said letter was not made public, but The New Yorker reports that the allegation came from a woman who accused Kavanaugh of alleged sexual misconduct that occurred when they were both in high school in the 1980s.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous, approached Democrats in July, shortly following President Donald Trump nominating Kavanaugh to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy‘s open spot on the Supreme Court bench. Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing is scheduled for next week. The allegation dates back to the early 1980s, when Kavanaugh was a high school student at the all-boys Georgetown Preparatory School in Bethesda, Maryland; the unnamed woman was a student at a nearby high school. The woman alleges that, during a party, Kavanaugh allegedly held her down and attempted to force himself on her.

According to The New Yorker’s report, the woman claims that Kavanaugh and a classmate, who allegedly had been drinking, turned up the music in the room to “conceal the sound of her protests, and that Kavanaugh covered her mouth with his hand. She was able to free herself from the situation before it escalated. She claims that the memory of what allegedly happened has been “a source of ongoing distress.”

Kavanaugh said in a statement, that, “I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation. I did not do this back in high school or at any time.” The classmate named in the woman’s letter, who also remains anonymous, stated, “I have no recollection of that.” When news of Senator Feinstein sending the letter to the FBI was made public, White House spokeswoman Kerri Kupec responded by stating:

“Throughout his confirmation process, Judge Kavanaugh has had 65 meetings with senators — including with Senator Feinstein — sat through over 30 hours of testimony, addressed over 2,000 questions in a public setting and additional questions in a confidential session. Not until the eve of his confirmation has Senator Feinstein or anyone raised the specter of new ‘information’ about him. Senator [Chuck] Schumer promised to ‘oppose Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination with everything I have,’ and it appears he is delivering with this 11th hour attempt to delay his confirmation.”

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