Second child in two weeks has finger ‘hanging off’ due to Costa door

Calls for Costa Coffee to change its ‘lethal’ toilet doors after second child in as many weeks is left with her finger ‘hanging off’ when self-closing mechanism slams shut

  • Lydia Kilmartin, three, had finger crushed in door at Basingstoke Leisure Park
  • Less than two weeks before, same thing happened to Madison Smailes, nine 
  • The accidents at separate branches have led angry parents to call for change
  • It comes after five-year-old from Wester-super-Mare was also injured last year 

Self-closing doors have left two children with their fingers ‘hanging off’ in less than two weeks leading furious parents to demand greater safety measures. 

Lydia Kilmartin, three, and Madison Smailes, nine, both had to have the tips reattached after two incidents at separate branches. 

Janay Murphy, 28, had taken daughter Lydia to the Costa branch at Basingstoke Leisure Park after visiting the local fire station on an open day.

Moments after entering the Costa, a self-closing toilet door had crushed the three-year-old’s right index finger.

This is how Lydia Kilmartin’s finger looked after her mother pulled the self-closing door off her finger

The three-year-old (pictured in Salisbury Hospital) had to have her finger tip reattached after the accident at the branch 

Miss Murphy, from Hampshire, told MailOnline of her horror at pulling the door open to reveal her child’s bloodied finger tip hanging off.

‘I screamed for help,’ she said. ‘Lydia had to undergo surgery to have it re-attached. She was traumatised.’

Despite undergoing treatment at Salisbury Hospital it’s unclear whether full feeling will ever return to the finger.

The cleaner says it has affected her child’s mental well-being too, leaving her anxious and scared of doors.

Miss Murphy is calling for safety rail handles to be placed on Costa toilet doors after this one slammed on her daughter’s finger 

Lydia’s finger was reattached in surgery at Salisbury Hospital but her mother says the incident has left her tramautised 

‘She’s very cautious around doors now,’ she said. ‘She keeps well away from them and won’t open them.’

Seventeen days after the incident, Miss Murphy finally got a call from Costa to reveal they had been made aware of the accident through her Facebook post, meaning the Basingstoke branch hadn’t even reported it.

MailOnline has contacted Costa Coffe for a comment about the accident at its Basingstoke Leisure Park branch. 

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It came after Madison Smailes was at a branch in Hull’s Kingston Retail Park, East Yorkshire, when her left forefinger was caught between the heavy door and the frame.

The schoolgirl was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary in an ambulance before being transferred to Sheffield Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery to save the finger a day later.

Her parents now fear the finger may never fully recover or regain any sensation after the horror incident which left the door and floor covered in blood.

The nine-year-old’s finger was left hanging off and had to be reattached after a door slammed shut on it in Costa Coffee 

Father Jonathan Smailes, 40, claims a faulty door mechanism meant the door did not close slowly as it should have done.

Costa Coffee has launched an internal investigation and a spokesperson said it is sorry to hear what happened to Madison on May 30.

Mother Kirstie Smailes, 39, said the ‘finger was hanging off’ and her daughter has been ‘scarred for life’.  

Footage shows Mr Smailes investigating the door with a staff member. As they demonstrate how quickly the door closes, a male Mr Smailes says was the staff member says: ‘It’s lethal that.’

Madison (pictured) almost lost her finger when a toilet door in Costa Coffee at a retail park in Hull slammed shut on it 

Mr Smailes, a technician, said: ‘It had a scissor opening and the hydraulics had gone, so instead of slowing down before it closed, it sped up. One guy in Costa said that the door had already been reported four times.’ 

Following the incident Mr Smailes and his wife contacted the coffee chain to inform them what had happened.

Madison now struggles with day-to-day tasks including showering and brushing her hair. Her parents are waiting to see if she will get the feeling back in her fingertip.

The coffee chain has launched an investigation after the incident at the branch (pictured) in East Yorkshire

Mr Smailes said: ‘We’re still unsure if she’ll ever get sensation back in that part of her finger. Madison can’t do day-to-day tasks because it’s hard with her bandage on.

‘She can’t have a proper bath or shower because her hand needs to be waterproofed, she can’t put her hair up because she uses that hand to brush her hair.’

A Costa spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of the incident and were very sorry to hear about what happened to Madison and wish her a speedy recovery.

‘Following further discussions with the family the incident has been escalated and reopened.’ 

In July last year, Toby Hazzard, five, was left with his finger hanging off after a self-closing door slammed on his hand at Costa in Weston-super-Mare. 

The chain launched an investigation and sent the youngster £100 worth of Toys R Us vouchers, The Sun reported at the time.

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