Serial killer ‘demanding salmon en croute for his Christmas meal’

Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe ‘demanding salmon en croute for his Christmas meal after snubbing offer of traditional turkey dinner’

  • The 72-year-old has said he has gone ‘meat free’ and has demanded a fish dish
  • Inmates at HMP Frankland are set to be treated to a lavish Christmas dinner
  • Prison officers will also treat inmates to a selection of festive party games 

Peter Sutcliffe (pictured above) has gone ‘meat free’ 

Serial killer Peter Sutcliffe has snubbed an offer of a traditional turkey Christmas dinner and has demanded he be served salmon en croute, it has been claimed.

The mass murderer, along with other inmates at high security prison HMP Frankland, will be able to indulge on a lavish Christmas dinner included turkey with all the trimmings, halal roast beef or vegetarian crumble, and even a pudding of custard and other treats.

However the 72-year-old has said he hates turkey and has demanded fish as he has gone ‘meat free’ and does not like the vegetarian dish available.

Speaking to the Daily Star a source said that the vicious killer wants salmon wrapped in puff pastry and covered in creamy white sauce.

‘Of course Sutcliffe is whingeing that he wants something different to everyone else, despite there being plenty of perfectly good options.’

The menu on offer at the prison, and Sutcliffe’s snub, may anger many Britons who could struggle this year to provide a Christmas dinner due to rising prices.

Inmates at the prison in County Durham are also set to be treated to a selection of festive games to help them celebrate the day, including a carol service, a pool tournament, magnetic darts, charades and karaoke.

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Despite what some might say is a generous offering, the source told the Daily Star that some prisoners were unhappy with the host of games on offer to them.

‘We like the prisoners to have a good time because it helps lessen what can be a very stressful time of year.

Peter Sutcliffe has allegedly demanded that he be served salmon en croute  

‘But nothing is ever good enough for Sutcliffe, and as soon as the Christmas games were discussed he began complaining.

‘He is a master manipulator and began dragging in other cons.’

Sutcliffe has already received Christmas cards from as far away as the USA and Australia.

He had previously boasted to other inmates and prison officers that he expects up to 100 cards this year from his ‘fan club’.

Sutcliffe, was convicted in 1981 of murdering 13 women and attempting to kill seven more.

He lost his fight to remain in Broadmoor secure hospital in 2016.

Following that, he was sent to the facility in Berkshire in 1984 after being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

However, a health tribunal ruled in 2015 that he no longer needed treatment for the mental disorder.


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