Serial killer who murdered JonBenet Ramsey’s psychiatrist commits suicide after being cornered by cops in Arizona motel

Dwight Lamon Jones had been linked to a number of murders after Dr Steven Pitt was found dead, and started firing at police who surrounded the building this morning.

The 56-year-old was found dead in his room after shooting himself, police said.

He was being hunted by cops after the 59-year-old psychologist, who raised suspicions about JonBenet's family after she was killed in 1996, was gunned down outside his office on Thursday.

Police told NBC the shootings could be linked to a bitter divorce Jones had been going through.

It has been reported the death of Dr Pitt is linked to the killing of two paralegals on Friday and the murder of a hypnotherapist on Saturday.

Although it is not clear yet what linked all the victims, police believe they are all related.

Officers were said to have been in the process of evacuating the motel this morning when Jones started firing.

As cops hunted Jones, witnesses said gunshots rang out after they heard a loud argument as Dr Pitt left his office last week.

The shooter – described as an adult male, bald and wearing a dark coloured hat  – fled the area leaving the psychiatrist to die at the scene.

Less than a 24 hours later, two paralegals, Veleria Sharp, 48, and Laura Anderson, 49, were shot and killed at the law office where they worked in Phoenix.

Officers arriving at the scene found a woman with a gunshot wound to the head.

“The victim had walked to a bus parked in the intersection to ask for help,” a statement said.

She was taken to a hospital, where she later died.

The officers then “followed a blood trail” inside, where they discovered a dead woman who had been shot in the head.

Police later revealed they were investigating a fourth shooting in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Pitt had recently worked on a string of shootings in the Maryvale area.

His friend and fellow psychologist David Weinstock speculated that someone linked to his cases carried out the murder.

He told the Arizona Republic: "I could be wrong, but the timing and circumstances sound a lot like someone who was waiting outside his office for him.

"I suspect this was one who either got out after Steve helped put him away or someone whose case he was working on who felt threatened about what Steve could do."

Phoenix Police Sgt Vince Lewis said cops had no information that the killing was related to the JonBenet case or Pitt's other work.

Dr Pitt hit the headlines in the 90s after he consulted on the famous murder of the American child beauty queen who was murdered at the age of six.

JonBenet Ramsey was found dead at her home in Boulder, Colorado in 1996.

The psychiatrist raised suspicions about the the child's family.

He claimed that pineapple found in the girl's digestive tract, which her mother denied she ate, cast doubt on their statements.

Pitt said it proved she had eaten before she died and that the pineapple was evidence of a family cover up.

Her mother Patsy claimed JonBenet had not eaten any fruit before her death, but her mother's fingers were found on the fruit bowl, making Pitt suspicious.

Pitt had previously told People magazine: "The fingerprints on the bowl or cup that were used to give JonBenét the pineapple were Patsy’s fingerprints.

"It suggests someone is not telling the truth about what happened at that home that night."

JonBenet's parents and brother were cleared in 2008 based on DNA evidence.

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