Seven cute labradors pile in and enthusiastically groom cat

Puppy love! Seven cute Labradors pile in and enthusiastically groom ginger cat who is remarkably unphased

  • Giuseppe the red tabby cat made friends with seven Labrador puppies
  • The unlikely friendship sparked up in a garden in the City of Alessandria, Italy
  • The cat sat calmly while he enjoyed the attention from the Golden Retrivers 

This is the adorable moment a cute ginger tabby cat made friends with seven Labradors after the enthusiastic dogs affectionately groomed the cat.

Giuseppe the red tabby cat had led down on a patio chair, when a big group of Golden Retriever puppies licked him all over.

Giuseppe sat calmly and looked unphased by the dogs, as he continued to enjoy his new found friendship with the puppies in Alessandria, Italy.

The unlikely friendship between the feline and the seven pups looks set to last, as animal charity the Blue Cross says that despite cats and dogs traditionally not getting along, that if cared for under the right conditions, can actually get along ‘extremely well’.

Although the animals are often portrayed as enemies, it’s all about the introduction and how the cats and dogs are able to live amongst one another.

If either pet or both have lived with the other in a previous home, then the introduction process is usually a lot easier. However it is still a good idea to take things slowly and according to the experts, a gentle introduction is far safer than a rushed one, and will hopefully result in both pets becoming good friends, just like Giuseppe and the Labradors.

The cute cat looks like he’s having the time of his life as the seven Labradors circle him

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The adorable dogs groom the ginger tabby cat as he sits relaxing on the patio 

For humans first impressions are always key and the introduction between a cat and dog should be no different.

Always ensure that the cat has an easy route back to their ‘safe area’. If your dog gets excited easily, then first introductions are best carried out after exercise, when your dog is likely to be calm. 

Trainer Mikkel Becker who specialises in reward-based training and behaviour modification for dogs and cats, said for pet owners who want both a cat and a dog, that it’s important to start the process by focusing on the dog, rather that the cat, which can sometimes be the more demanding animal. 

‘Dogs who are exposed to cats during their primary socialisation period, from about two to nine weeks of age, are more likely to be relaxed around cats in their adult life. Breeds with a lower occurrence of predatory behaviour may also be less likely to chase after a cat.’ 

Time for cuddles! One cute Labrador puts his paw over the cat, bringing it in for a hug

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