Seven people including 12-year-old shot dead over pool game in Brazil

Pool table massacre: Seven people including 12-year-old girl are shot dead after they laughed at a player for losing two games in a row in Brazil

  • Harrowing security footage saw the gunmen line up and execute seven people
  • They bet money on two consecutive pool games and snapped when they lost
  • Police are now hunting the men but their current whereabouts are unknown 

A pair of gunmen have murdered seven people, including a 12-year-old girl, with shotguns and pistols at a pool hall in Brazil in a fit of rage after losing two games.

Sickening CCTV footage of the bloodbath on Tuesday in Sinop City, Mato Grosso, showed the moment one perpetrator brandishing a pistol ordered his hostages to line up against a wall while his accomplice fetched what appears to be a shotgun from a nearby truck.

Moments later the second gunman stalks back into the hall and the pair begin blasting their captives near point-blank range, leaving them no chance of escape. 

Police said the shooters, who were identified as Edgar Ricardo de Oliveira, 30, and Ezequias Souza Ribeiro, 27, fled the scene and still on the run.

Witnesses claimed the pair snapped and launched the heinous attack after they lost two pool games in a row and bystanders began laughing.

Edgar Ricardo de Oliveira and Ezequias Souza Ribeiro are believed to have gunned down seven people after losing two games of pool

A still from CCTV footage shows the moment one gunman raises a shotgun and begins executing innocent bystanders

The pair executed five people inside the pool hall and took to the street to shoot two more who fled

This undated handout image shows Larissa Frasao de Almeida, a 12-year-old girl executed by the ruthless killers

The information was confirmed by the delegate of the Civil Police, Braulio Junqueira, who said investigators are collating witness testimonies and searching for the cold-blooded killers.

Six of their victims died at the scene, having been executed from mere feet away.

They were named by Brazilian police as Larissa Frasao de Almeida, 12, Orisberto Pereira Sousa, 38, Adriano Balbinote, 46, Getulio Rodrigues Frasao Junior, 36, Josue Ramos Tenorio, 48, and Maciel Bruno de Andrade Costa, 35 – the pool hall owner.

A seventh victim – Elizeu Santos da Silva, 47 – somehow survived the initial shooting and was rushed to hospital but later succumbed to his injuries. 

The harrowing security footage shows how the first victim – pool hall owner Costa – tumbles to the ground having been blasted by the shotgun from no more than six feet away.

Four more customers are gunned down one by one on the spot, before the killers turn on the two remaining victims who had fled into the street and cut them down in short order.

Inexplicably, they decided to leave one terrified woman alive – she can be seen rooted to the spot out of fear, holding her hands up in horror even after the gunmen have left.

The shooters returned to the tables to pick up notes and small change and stole a purse before fleeing

Three of the gunmen’s victims are pictured here. The dead were named by Brazilian police as Larissa Frasao de Almeida, 12, Orisberto Pereira Sousa, 38, Adriano Balbinote, 46, Getulio Rodrigues Frasao Junior, 36, Josue Ramos Tenorio, 48, Maciel Bruno de Andrade Costa, 35, and Elizeu Santos da Silva, 47

Before making their exit, the ruthless killers go table to table collecting tiny amounts of cash and also stopped to steal one of the victim’s bags while the woman watched on silently. 

Police Lieutenant Romening dos Santos Silva said that the gunmen took revenge after losing two games of pool on which they had bet a small amount of money.

After their first loss, they went to get more money only to lose again when they returned.

The officer said: ‘The way it happened, it is clear that some victims may not even have been involved with the game that was taking place at the establishment.’

Detectives in Mato Grosso are now hunting the killers but their current whereabouts are unknown. 

According to police records, Oliveira had been arrested in the past for domestic violence. 

Souza meanwhile has a lengthy criminal record that includes arrests for illegal possession of a firearm, gang robbery, assault and threat.

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