Shepherd films his own death as gunman shoots him down in horrifying footage

A shepherd, who was filming a row between his wife and two other women, caught the moment he was shot dead when a gunman came marching towards him.

Mikail Dural was recording the argument which suddenly became physical as the three women began rolling on the floor and hitting each other.

It is not known what the women were fighting over, but suddenly from across the field, a man holding a rifle came towards them, holding up his weapon as if ready to shoot.

Mr Dural, 35, shouted at the man “Come on, shoot me!” to the gunman, who opened fire.

The footage shows the man filming, suddenly collapsing and falling to the ground as the women race to help.

The incident took place in the village of Esentepe in the southern Turkish province of Karaman.

In the video footage, Dural is filming his wife having an argument with an unnamed woman who then starts hitting the shepherd with a long pole.

The two women start brawling on the ground as a third female appears and tries to break it up.

Meanwhile, Dural turns the camera on a man marching towards him with a rifle on a grassy bank.

According to local media, the suspect, 45-year-old Bekir K, had an argument with Dural because he did not want the shepherd renting the field next to his home.

After Bekir K. allegedly shot the victim dead, he was arrested and placed in custody.

Meanwhile, Dural’s angry relatives descended on the suspect’s home and started throwing Molotov cocktails and rocks, while his family members were inside, video footage revealed.

Police managed to get the suspect’s wife and children out safely, and six people were arrested in the house attack.

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