Shocking moment England fan rips the window off a bus

Shocking moment a ‘drunk’ England fan accidentally rips the window off a BUS and falls flat on his backside as crowd of 50 rowdy pub-goers celebrate 6-1 World Cup victory against Panama

  • Fan accidentally yanks window from its hinges and ends up in a heap in road
  • Incident happened outside the Commercial Hotel in Haslingden, Lancashire
  • Police were called to disperse about 50 people celebrating England’s victory

Jaw-dropping footage shows a rowdy England fan rip a window off a bus and fall flat on his bottom.

The jubilant supporter can be seen dashing towards the driver side of the vehicle and using the open window to hoist himself off the ground.

But he accidentally yanks it from its hinges and ends up in a heap in the middle of the road with the frame on top of him.

Fans took to the streets on Sunday to celebrate England’s staggering 6-1 win against Panama.

But this supporter’s celebration ended in a spectacular own goal outside The Commercial Hotel in Haslingden, Lancashire, at about 3pm that afternoon.

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Police were called to disperse about 50 people who had gathered to show their appreciation for the Three Lions.

The crowd was reportedly blocking traffic, throwing bottles and banging on car windows. No arrests were made.

The jubilant supporter grabs the bus window then ends up in a heap on the floor in Lancashire

Similar behaviour was witnessed in Benidorm after England’s landslide win.

Footage posted online shows fans beating a car bonnet with their hands before one supporter leaps onto the vehicle, smashing the windscreen.

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