Shocking moment zoo keeper puts lipstick on a BELUGA WHALE

Shocking moment keeper puts lipstick on a BELUGA as she boasts it makes the animal ‘prettier’

  • Video of a trainer applying makeup on a beluga has caused outrage in China 
  • Post also claimed lipstick made the beluga whale ‘incredibly pretty’
  • People worried if the animal could be harmed by chemical substances
  • Animal rights group PETA has launched an investigation after receiving reports

A disturbing video appearing to show an animal trainer putting red lipstick on a beluga whale has caused an uproar in China.

Web users have slammed the woman’s behaviour after the clip appeared on Dou Yin (抖音), a popular Chinese video app.

Animal rights group PETA Asia has launched an investigation into the incident.

A beluga whale was given red lipstick by a trainer at an aquarium in north China (left). The mammal moves its head backwards after being put on the makeup (right)

Video of the ‘makeover’ of the beluga whale posted on June 9 shows a female animal trainer painting the mammal’s lips in red as it surfaced the water in the enclosure.

The clip was believed to be filmed at Sun Asia Ocean World in Dalian, Liaoning Province and put on Dou Yin.


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The beluga whale can be seen waiting patiently as the female trainer drew a full lip at the tip of its mouth.

Web users claimed the trainer was telling the beluga whale is getting ‘prettier’, reported Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

Web users and Dou Yin users were angry and suggested ‘not to put any chemical substances on the mammals’.

The trainer puts the red lipstick on the beluga whale and says it turns ‘prettier’

Web users worried the makeup products could cause harm to the mammal and affected its health (left). The trainer was accused of using the whale to get popular on social media (right)

‘Is it safe to put lipsticks on a whale? Have she thought about that before putting it on?’ asked ‘fuyoutoi’.

‘Xiongmoize’ said: ‘I can’t believe people can do such things to make themselves popular. There are many ways to get more followers and likes, but please don’t harm the beluga whale.’

PETA Asia told MailOnline that their organisation had previously exposed Sun Asia Ocean World for keeping the belugas and dolphins in shallow tanks.

‘Those sea mammals who have social needs and vast water were so anxious and living in pain’, said press officer Keith Guo.

 There are more than 200,000 beluga whales across the world, according to IUCN’s red list

The unnamed trainer has now removed all her previous video from the account; however it is not sure if she had been sacked.

According to World Wildlife Fund, beluga whales are extremely sociable mammals that live, hunt and migrate together in pods, ranging from a few individuals to hundreds of whales.  

The whales are listed as ‘least concern’ with a population of over 200,000 across the world, stated the red list on International Union for Conservation of Nature. 

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