Six kids found living in abandoned wine cellar with ‘inadequate sanitation’

Six children have been found living in an abandoned wine cellar in Austria.

The kids, who are all under the age of five, were hiding out at the property with a 54-year-old man and his wife, 40.

Neighbours in the small Austrian village of Obritz have reported hearing children's voices over the last few months, so social services began to investigate.

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The unnamed man attacked two social workers and assaulted a third with pepper spray last Thursday.

The man then barricaded himself in the building, but police breached the property and arrested him.

When police entered the cellar, they found six children between the ages of seven months and five years old inside along with multiple guns.

The children have since been taken into care and authorities have found no proof of the children's identity or any record of their birth.

The cellars had been renovated to have doors, windows, water, electricity and surveillance cameras but are said to have 'inadequate sanitation'.

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Deputy local mayor Erich Greil said after the discovery that the man once told him he had ten children, and that he wanted 'a cellar for each child', as reported by The Daily Mail.

The 54-year-old was described as 'clever' by locals, but they also suggested he was linked to conspiracy theorist groups.

The publication added that the conspiracy theorist is also a 'Reichsbürger' – a group of right-wing extremists who believe the German empire still exists as it did before World War II.

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In Austria, all births have to be registered by law with local authorities, but no records have been found for any of the children.

The parents reportedly claim all five of the children were born in the UK, where their father is said to have been working.


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