Skin-crawling video shows Scotland really does have A LOT of midges

Jamie Brannan, 39, from Fife, was hoping to snap a 4am sunrise in the Trossachs National Park when he was ambushed by the tiny biting insects.

Scotland is famous for its summer swarms of midges, the same annoying critters that have been plaguing teams and crowds at the World Cup.

Jamie got to know them a little too well, uploading a 15-second clip to Facebook with the caption: “Just a few midges in the Trossachs….”

The clip shows Jamie turning his hand as he holds it out in front of him, besieged with hundreds of the tiny insects.

As he turns his hand even more of the critters can be seen crawling along his skin and appear to be trying to get into his sleeve.

Jamie told news agency Deadline News: “They were relentless. All over my face, in my hair and of course all over my hands.

"The bite marks lasted for a good week or so. Still gives me the heebie-jeebies thinking about it.”

Social media users quickly chimed in with how itchy the video made them feel.

Wendy Gibson wrote "Argh. Im super itchy just looking at that", while Melissa Mcgill agreed: “This makes me so itchy".

Earlier this month Scottish locals claimed it was the “worst year ever” for ravenous midges, as although they got off to a slow start due to the cold weather – they arrived with a boom at the start of June.

Lucy Fraser, from Rowardennan, Stirling, said she had become a “prisoner in her own home” and has to insist guests staying with her do not open their windows for fear of a midge siege.

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