Slimmers can double their weight-loss results by using nose plugs to cut out food smells

Early trials show dieters who used “scent blockers” shed an extra two-thirds of a stone.

Experts claim the soft silicon inserts help slash the desire for sweet food.

The device called NozNoz cuts users’ ability to smell while letting them breathe through their noses.

Scientists say it cuts temptation and alters hormones that control appetite. Tests involved 29 under-50s weighing around 17st told to eat 500 calories less a day.

Those using the gadgets lost 98 per cent more over 12 weeks.

The findings were presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Vienna.

Dr Dror Dicker, from the Rabin Medical Centre in Israel, said they made the device after realising people with colds had a reduced appetite.

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