Smithy Family fire – Cops hunting man over 'arson attack' that destroyed TikTok stars' home

POLICE investigating an arson attack that destroyed the home of TikTok stars the Smithy Family have today released CCTV images of a suspect's car.

The Smithy Family were left "devastated" when their South London house went up in flames after thugs set fire to their car on July 14.

The family, who have 2.8million followers on TikTok, say they won't be able to return to the family home following the blaze in Welling.

Dad Nick, 33, revealed their soaring popularity had led to attacks after their address was leaked online.

Escorts and dozens of unwanted takeaways were sent to the house by pranksters and stones chucked at the window where his newborn son was sitting.

Cops probing the fire today shared video of a light blue Fiat Punto and asked for help to trace the owner.


The car has a dent in the front right wheel arch and is believed to be in the South East London area including Welling, Bexleyheath, Dartford or Greenwich.

Met Detective Sergeant Danny Banks said: "We are now focusing our investigation on the car pictured and wish to identify it as soon as possible. If you recognise it, please come forwards and speak to us.

"No piece of information is too small and could significantly help us in our investigation to establish who is responsible for this attack."

Last month, Nick told The Sun: "Basically over the last two months we’ve been under attack from people on social media, and we’ve had our address leaked.

"It’s heartbreaking, we’ve spent the last five months doing our house up and spent every penny we have, and its all been taken away in one act.

“It’s devastating, we know that no matter what happens now we can’t come back to this house, even if it is fixed, because too many people know the address and know where we live.


"It’s a sad fact that when you gain a following you gain a negativity with it.

“Every good thing we do we get something negative back, and it's at the point now where we’re thinking we’ve got to stop.”

Nick and his partner Jess found fame after sharing videos with their kids Jack, Amelia, Isabella and Teddy.

The dad even managed to give up work as a builder to become a full time TikTok star earlier this year.

But he now fears he will have to give up filming and return to the "miserable" him.

He said: "I’ve done building my whole working life, and I was working 6-7 days a week and I didn’t get to see my kids.

"Doing this has been so joyous, because I get to take them to school, and pick them up and make fun videos with them and have a laugh and enjoy life, and now I feel like I have to go back to the miserable me, and not the fun version.

“I just don’t understand why people can’t be happy that were earning a living doing something that means our family can be together and we can have fun.”


Chilling footage released by the family showed the moment two yobs fire to the family's Ford Mondeo on the driveway just before 11pm.

Nick, whose family could be heard screaming as the car erupts in a fireball, said the cowardly attackers were armed with a "milk bottle full of accelerant".

And he urged anyone with information about the thugs – one of whom may have burn injuries to his arm – to come forward.

Nick told The Sun: "I have a six-week-old baby, and my two daughters, and my kid and my partner’s kid brother, all living with us.

"We couldn’t even get out the front door, it was just ablaze so quickly, it was such a panic, I was trying to keep everyone calm."

He today wiped away tears as he vowed to "rise up" for his family while standing on the charred floor in his home.

Nick also said any money offered to the family, who often help out charities as well as pranking each other, will be donated to charity.

The cause of the fire is being investigated and there have been no arrests.

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