‘South Park Susan,’ White Woman Recorded In Racist Rant Against Two Black Women, Turns Herself In To Police

Fifty-one-year-old Susan Westwood, who came to be known as “South Park Susan,” turned herself in to the Sunset Beach, North Carolina Police Department Saturday according to WBTV. Officials there transported her to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department where authorities served her with an outstanding misdemeanor warrant and four criminal summons.

A video of Westwood verbally attacking two black women, sisters Leisa and Mary Garris, went viral and police released recordings of calls she made to 911 during the incident. The video showed her harassing the women at a Charlotte, North Carolina apartment complex where they all lived. Westwood initially approached them because she said she didn’t recognize them as residents of the area. After listening to the calls Westwood made to 911, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police issued a misdemeanor warrant for her arrest on charges of misusing the 911 system as the recordings indicate that she was reporting to 911 that people were trying to break into nearby apartments although video of the incident showed no activity of the kind.

“There are folks that are trying to break in. They’re trying to get in the apartments. I’m trying to do it in a very clandestine manner because it’s actually on Fairview Road. They are actually people that I’ve never seen here before – but they are African American.”

Westwood told the 911 operator that she would pay “$2,500 to get them out of here… Just get them the f*** out of here right now.”

She placed a total of three 911 calls about the situation that day. When officers arrived at the location cited by Westwood, she was nowhere to be found, but the women she had called about were present. Video of the incident went viral on social media over the weekend.

One of the victims explained the situation to the police.

“I was hysterical because this lady was bothering me and calling me out my name and I’m just standing here waiting on Triple A. The lady was pushing me in my face, and I’m a resident here just like she is. It surprised me I’ve been living here for over a year and I’ve never been treated this way.”

The Garris sisters have obtained legal representation on the matter, saying they felt their safety was being threatened during the verbal attack and false 911 calls made by Westwood, especially after she mentioned concealed weapons. Their attorney has spoken to the legal team representing the apartment complex, and they have agreed to begin the process of evicting Westwood.

Susan Westwood has also lost her job with Charter Communications as a result of her behavior.

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