Special constable fired after all night party irked neighbours

Special constable who stuck two fingers up at neighbours and told them to ‘pipe down’ when they complained about loud music at his all night party is fired

  • Ladislav Demeter, who served with Cambridgeshire Police, was dismissed
  • Panel heard he was cautioned after noisy all-night party sparked neighbour war
  • Allegations he flicked Vs at them after the raucous bash had been denied

A special constable has been sacked after holding a noisy all-night party at his house then going to war with his complaining neighbours – allegedly flicking Vs at them and counting down to when they had to get their children up for school.

Ladislav Demeter, who served with Cambridgeshire Police, was dismissed without notice yesterday over the rowdy gathering at his Walsall, West Mids, home.

The SC – who already accepted a caution for harassment – was put under investigation after the rowdy gathering was reported on October 21.

His neighbours, The Cheethams, had gone round to ask him to turn the music down at around 11pm.

But they were told to ‘pipe down’ as the party had just wanted to have fun, with them later hearing the revellers talk about ‘sorting them out’.

Demeter was even accused of going outside their house just before 7am and sticking two fingers up before counting down to the time their daughter had to get up for school – something he later denied.

Cambridgeshire police’s investigation into what happened found what he did had amounted to gross misconduct.

Ladislav Demeter, who served with Cambridgeshire Police, was dismissed without notice

His hearing at Cambridgeshire Constabulary Headquarters concluded yesterday

Chief Constable Nick Dean said: ‘In relation to the culpability for the conduct, the criminal offence was captured in statements, audio recordings and admitted in interview by SC Demeter.

‘Even when the neighbours requested the noise to be reduced rather than taking heed of this SC Demeter and those he was with have further antagonised the situation purposefully to cause further harassment.

‘It is entirely unacceptable for special constables or constables, who are responsible for enforcing the law, to break the law themselves.

‘I cannot ignore the impact such behaviour had on Mrs Cheetham’s mental well-being and that of her family. The mental harm caused by the actions and behaviour of SC Demeter are significant to those affected by the harassment and it appears this has been an ongoing issue which has also been reported to the council.

The party happened at Demeter’s home in Walsall, West Mids, away from Cambridgeshire

‘Moreover, the neighbours in the area are aware that Ladislav Demeter is a Special Constable therefore escalating the reputational damage. This damage is hard to undo.’

Demeter was interviewed by police in March this year and given a criminal caution.

Despite him living in the Midlands it was looked at by the Cambridgeshire force, because he served there.

His hearing at Cambridgeshire Constabulary Headquarters concluded yesterday.

Chief Constable Nick Dean added: ‘The police service expects all its officers and staff to act in a manner that does not bring discredit to the service or harm its reputation. The public expect that these standards are upheld.

‘The conduct that SC Demeter has displayed falls way short of these standards as set out in the Standards of Professional Behaviour.’

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