Speedboat killer who killed date with hell ride on Thames moans from jail cell

A man who killed his Tinder date after his defective speed boat crashed has revealed that he desperately misses the country he fled to after the deadly incident.

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd, through his lawyer in Tbilisi, Georgia, revealed how much he loved his time in the country where he hid while on the run, the Daily Mirror reports.

The cowardly killer fled the UK in 2018 and was convicted of manslaughter by gross negligence in absentia, before being extradited back to the UK to face justice in 2019.

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His lawyer, Mariam Kublashvili, said in an interview for an upcoming ITV documentary that “Georgia was always kinder to him than Britain”, adding that he misses the ex-Soviet republic’s “delicious food”.

Dad-of-one Shepherd, 32, fled to Georgia after his 24-year-old Tinder date Charlotte Brown drowned in the River Thames in 2015.

They had been drinking after they went for a swanky dinner at a restaurant at London’s Shard when he offered to take her on a joyride on his dodgy speed boat.

He handed her the controls moments before it hit a submerged tree and overturned, the Old Bailey heard during his trial.

While Shepherd was dragged out of the water alive, Charlotte had passed away in the horrific crash.

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He was convicted of gross negligence manslaughter in absentia and sentenced to six years in jail before he eventually handed himself in to Georgian authorities to face justice.

Shepherd’s Georgian lawyer maintained his innocence, and shockingly compared his case to that of Halyna Hutchins, the Ukrainian cinematographer who was tragically killed after actor Alec Baldwin shot a prop gun that was not properly checked during the production of a film

“I’d like to recall the recent tragic incident with actor Alec Baldwin – everybody considers it an accident and nobody is dragging his name through the mud, there is no 'guilty until proven innocent' approach as it happened in Jack’s case,” she said.

Shepherd is expected to be released early from his sentence, completing just three years of his total stint.


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