Speeding school bus driver who left kids crying wants job back

A former school bus driver whose license has been suspended five times doesn’t understand why the city no longer trusts him with its kids.

Following a 60-day suspension, Eddy Amilcar was back on the road after driving so fast, kids left his bus “crying and hysterical” in 2017, according to reports.

But he was fired from his bus driver gig in July when his license was suspended for the fifth time after he failed to appear in court on a traffic violation.

Amilcar was accused of driving into a crosswalk while a pedestrian was crossing the street.

Amilcar, 48, of Brooklyn, is suing for his job back — arguing that the suspension is irrelevant because it was related to his personal vehicle.

His attorney, Robert Chapnick, said Department of Education regulations are clear that personal driving violations cannot be grounds for termination.

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