Storm Brendan snow latest: UK travel chaos warning ahead of ‘significant snow’ next week

Storm Brendan is set to hit the UK next Tuesday, following the devastation wreaked by Storm Atiyah this weekend. The two storms in less than a week has sparked fears of a widespread December travel chaos. Weather maps also suggest that Brendan could submerge much of the country in “significant snowfall by Wednesday.

Storm Atiyah is expected to cause havoc across the country this weekend, bringing 70mph winds and dangerous travel conditions.

The Met Office has already issued a yellow warning for wind for western areas of England and Wales.

Forecasters predict that gales are likely to cause transport delays.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keates said: “Autumn hardly saw strong winds – but now the weather’s making up for it.”

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On Sunday, the weather agency has warned that temperatures are “more likely” to “dip below normal”.

Atiyah, which moves from the west of the UK across to the east, also threatens power cuts, with the strong gusts having the potential to damage buildings.

Coastal towns have been warned of high waves and flooding.

When Atiyah moves on, current forecast show another storm smashing into the country.

Storm Brendan could become Britain’s second big storm in a matter of days, with a 100mph freezing winds set to hit the UK as well as dump heavy snow.

Brendan could unleash up to 12cm of snow, as well as a so-called Canadian chill” across the country.

This will see temperature plunge to -5C next weekend, bringing travel warnings ahead of Christmas.


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Britons could also face the risk of snow, sleet and rain as they prepare to vote in the election this coming Thursday.

There is also a risk of thunder and hail in downpours in the south.

The Met Office predicts that by mid-December, temperatures will have dipped below normal, increasing the risk of wintry showers further north.

In its long-term forecast for Wednesday 11 December to Friday 20 December, the Met Office said: “There is also a low risk of widespread snow on the northern edge of rain bands.”

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