Stormy Daniels says Trump’s hair was like a ‘drunken cockatoo’

Stormy Daniels says Trump’s hair is real and that it ‘fluffed’ around ‘like a drunken cockatoo’ as they had sex

  • Stormy Daniels gave an interview to Penthouse in March where she went into detail about her 2006 ‘rendezvous’ with the president
  • She claims his hair ‘fluffed’ around and that it proved to her it was real 
  • She declined to go into detail about how well endowed he was despite the interviewer’s attempts
  • Daniels said she would not be ‘bullied’ by Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen 
  • She said she was ‘sick’ of defending herself and told of plans to donate the $130,000 she received from Cohen to a Planned Parenthood 

Stormy Daniels’ hotly anticipated interview with Penthouse has been released and leaves nothing about their alleged 2006 rendezvous to the imagination. 

In it, Daniels tells how the president’s infamous hair was unkempt and ‘fluffed’ around as she had sex with him in a Lake Tahoe hotel suite after meeting him at a celebrity golf tournament.

‘Yeah, that’s real. Kind of like a drunk cockatoo,’ she said. 

Later, she agreed ‘yeah’ when asked: ‘And his penis wasn’t big?’ but did not go any further, telling the reporter: ‘I don’t want to shame anybody.’ 

The journalist had asked if it was ‘like his fingers’.  

The six-page interview is accompanied by a photo spread where she posed naked draped in an American flag and weighing the scales of justice in a gold mini-dress.

Stormy Daniels appears in the latest issue of Penthouse where she gave a six-page interview and accompanying photoshoot about her 2006 rendezvous with the president and the scandal it has caused in Washington

It follows Daniels’ appearance on 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper which aired in March and was the first time she had spoken at length about her role in the scandal engulfing the president and his lawyer Michael Cohen. 

Whether the president was aware of the payment or not and how the money was obtained is the source of fervent speculation and concern over how his campaign was financed. 

Cohen is being investigated for fraud by the Department of Justice which is probing whether or not he obtained a fraudulent credit line on his mortgage to get the cash.

Daniels said she never intended to speak out about their dalliance or the exchanges she claimed happened afterwards until it was reported in January that she had taken $130,000 in October 2016 from Cohen to keep quiet about it. 

Daniels was then only prompted to speak out, she said, when Cohen confirmed the payment publicly but did not confirm her meeting or having sex with Trimp. 

In her own words, she thought: ‘Hold up, motherf*****.  I’m not allowed to open my mouth? And you can just open your mouth and lie and call me names? 

Daniels, posing with the scales of justice in a gold minidress, said she felt she had to fight back after Michael Cohen appeared to call her a liar in an interview earlier this year

The Penthouse journalist asked her if the president was well-endowed. She said she ‘didn’t want to shame anybody’ when they asked if Trump’s girth was ‘like his fingers’ 

‘Enough is enough, and f*** you. I’m going to fight back.’ 

The interview took place in March when Daniels’ 60 Minutes interview aired. 

It documents how she reacted angrily when she saw the first previews for it and claimed Cooper’s ‘mainstream’ make-up artist made her look old. 

‘The f****** makeup artist made me look ugly! I told Anderson to let me wear only my makeup and use my makeup artist. 

‘This is all I’m gonna hear about! You know who now needs security?

‘That makeup artist when I get my hands on her!’ she said when she saw the first ads, according to Penthouse’s reporter. 

Daniels complained that the ‘mainstream’ make-up artist from 60 Minutes made her look ‘100 years old’ 

In another photograph from her spread, she poses on top of a bar in a pink mini-dress and heels

Daniels said she has always wanted to write a book but she is hesitant now because she has more to talk about than just her dealings with the president

Elsewhere, her problematic relationship with her mother Sheila is laid bare. 

Daniels emphatically pointed out that she has never tried to make her story a political one and accepts that she has become an unlikely role model for women.

‘I’m fine with women coming up to me and saying, “You’ve inspired me.”

‘That’s great. But I’m quick to point out that’s not my story. I suck d*** for a living.

‘Nobody wants to know what I think about the wall or health care. Do I have political opinions? Yes. But I’m not interested in sharing them because I am fully aware that it’s my job and my service to society to be an entertainer. 

‘Yes, my version of being an entertainer happens to be a porn star, which makes it even more important: I am an escape from reality,’ she said. 

Not backing down: Daniels and her lawyer Michael Avenatti said they feel ‘sorry’ for Cohen whose attorney is ‘not even registered in California’. She said she would not be ‘bullied’ by either Cohen or the president 

She went on to say she felt ‘bad’ for Cohen whose ‘lawyer isn’t even registered in California’ and that she felt confident her ‘story’ would move beyond Trump. 

‘I’m bored! Nobody calls me!’ she said at one point. 

Later, she said she was still working and had not retired, despite being mislabeled as a former porn star. 

‘The biggest misunderstanding is that I retired. 

‘I was nominated for four AVN awards this year. I shot a movie every month. The other [misunderstanding] is that I’m only a porn star because I’m stupid. 

‘[That] I figured out how to make the most money doing the least amount of work,’ she said.  

Daniels full interview is in Penthouse. She graces the magazine’s cover this month, posing with the flag strategically placed over her breasts

While her newfound fame has boosted business – she is now performing at sold-out strip club events –  Daniels said she has no intention to write a book about her dealings with Trump because it would overshadow everything else she wants to share about her life.

At one of the events, she took $20 from patrons to stomp on Cheetos as they chanted ‘f*** Trump!’ 

‘I wanted to write a book for years…I like the work, but I’m sick of defending myself. I see no end in sight. 

‘I just feel like my story isn’t over…. it’s not what I want to tell people about,’ she said. 

Daniels wants to be freed of the NDA she signed in exchange for Cohen’s payment in 2006. She said she will donate the money to a Planned Parenthood in Cohen and Trump’s names afterwards. 

‘I’m that kind of c***. I don’t have shame. You can’t bully me,’ she said.

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