Stray cat lands job modelling glasses at optometrists to help kids overcome fear

A stray kitten has found a new life modeling spectacles and now the stylish feline makes children less anxious about wearing glasses.

Truffles, who is now all grown up, was adopted by an optometrist as a kitten and it soon became clear she was a very intelligent feline.

After quickly learning how to "high five", her new owner Danielle taught her another trick – wearing glasses.

The cat now models kids' glasses for Danielle's family business in Pennsylvania, A Child’s Eyes, and has made countless children more confident about wearing spectacles.

She has an impressive following on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook and many young admirers in the kids she inspires.

One particular video of Truffles in action exploded on Reddit recently, receiving more than 93,000 upvotes.

The clip, seen above, shows the stylish cat high-fiving and shaking hands with someone behind the camera as she models some green glasses.

Danielle told Daily Star she found Truffles by sheer luck when she went to play at a church camp with her family's band.

The kitten was the last of her litter to need a home after a stray cat gave birth near the church.

Danielle said: "I fell in love with this fluffy spunky little kitten who played and growled at me. I had to take her home."

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As she grew, it only became clearer how smart Truffles really was.

Danielle said: "I’ve never met a cat like her. She sits, gives high fives, fist bumps, jumps through my arms, waves, wears glasses, takes the glasses off for me, she knows the difference between sunglasses and regular glasses."

"Basically she’s smarter than me," Danielle joked.

The optometrist then said Truffles once helped a two-year-old girl who visited the shop and was "terrified of trying on glasses".

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"She just cried and cried in her daddy’s arms," Danielle recalled and said, at that point, Truffles came over.

Danielle said: "The cries don’t scare her off like a regular cat. They actually make her come out.

"She came out jumped up on the couch and I knew she was telling me, 'mom put my glasses on', so that’s what I did.

"The little girl stopped crying and giggled a little.

"Then she proceeded to try on glasses showing Truffles and Truffles tried on all of her own glasses too. It was great!

"She did so quickly what would have probably taken me an hour to do. She put the little girl at ease immediately.

"Truffles really made it a positive experience for the whole family."

The clever feline has not gone unnoticed for her work and became the cover star of the trade journal InVision.

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