Student claims School Chancellor did nothing after racist bullying incident

An 11-year-old black student whose white classmate wrapped a “noose” around his neck at an Upper East Side public school got the chance to tell Chancellor Richard Carranza about it — but says he didn’t get the response he wanted.

Tyler Davis, a sixth-grader at Robert F. Wagner Middle School, told Carranza he felt humiliated when the other kid fashioned a noose out of yarn in art class, put it around his neck, and said, “This is what your ancestors went through.” The other boy later called him “burnt,” a racial slur for dark skin.

“They need to make sure stuff like this doesn’t happen, and if it does they need to actually do something about it,” Tyler said he told the chancellor in their sit-down last-week along with his parents.

After the noose incident last month, The Post reported that Tyler’s mom, Allyson Davis, learned that a teacher had witnessed the incident, but didn’t tell her. Tyler told his older sister what happened.

Schools must notify parents immediately when their kids are bullied, a rule the city Department of Education agreed to follow in settling a class-action lawsuit last year.

“The teacher didn’t do anything, the dean didn’t do anything, the principal didn’t do anything,” a glum Tyler said.

He also found it unfair that he had to return to the same class with his tormentor.

Carranza, who had agreed to meet with Tyler at a City Council hearing last month, listened but did not discuss any actions, Tyler said.

“I got to make my point across to him. I shared my thoughts. But I really don’t know what else is going to be done.”

“In response to this incident, the school staff is participating in anti-bias training” said DOE spokeswoman Miranda Barbot.

School staff will also be instructed to immediately report such incidents.

Tyler’s mom said the family is moving to Georgia this summer, and that Tyler was accepted by the Woodward Academy, a prestigious private college-prep school.

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