Students accused of leaving rubbish on the streets as they change digs

Changeover day! Students are accused of leaving piles of rubbish on the streets outside their digs as they move out for the summer

  • Student areas in cities up and down the UK filled with overflowing rubbish bins 
  • Irritated residents complain departing students leave streets a mess every year
  • Councillors have urged students and unis to do more to prevent annual dumping

Students areas across the UK are rife with overflowing rubbish as university prospects move house during summer break.

BBC reported that residents in Birmingham, Coventry, Manchester and Leeds have complained about streets turning into ‘dumping grounds’ on changeover day.

Councillors in Coventry and Leeds have called on universities and students to tackle the problem.

A Birmingham resident was disgusted to wake up one morning and find the outside of her house lined with rubbish from students moving out for the summer

The Green Party in Headingley said student areas in Leeds are routinely left in a mess on changeover day

Bournbrook fire crews in Birmingham tweeted that the rubbish was a ‘health and fire hazard’

Labour councillor Jayne Innes is encouraging Coventry’s university to take more responsibility as end-of-term students move across the city.

She said unis should be the ‘first point of contact’ when problems arise and they should be identifying students who fail to properly dispose of waste.

In Leeds, Headingley and Hyde Park Labour councillor Neil Walshaw took a selfie with mounting rubbish and similarly urged students to avoid littering the streets.

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A Birmingham fire department in Bournbrook said leftover rubbish causes a health and safety hazard.

Manchester University has issued a statement saying it was working on clearing ‘unpleasant’ build-up of rubbish including rotten food and unwanted electrical items.

Rubbish piles up on a street in Leeds where Headingley and Hyde Park Labour councillor Neil Walshaw urged students to dispose of rubbish properly

Twitter user Natalie Hurst later thanked Birmingham binmen after this photo was taken for clearing her streets caused by student fly-tipping

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