The stupidest answers ever from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire contestants across the globe

The ITV show is back to celebrate its 20-year anniversary, with Jeremy Clarkson as host.

Hopefuls take on increasingly difficult questions as the pot builds up to £1million.

But many blow it on the first, easy go.

Here are some of the daftest answers from around the world.

1. What is George W Bush’s first name?
A Peter
B Edmund
C Torben
D George
A flummoxed German woman picked Edmund.

2. When attacked by predators, which animal activates a gland known as an ink sac?
A Cheetah
B Squid
C Owl
D Paris Hilton
Lovi Yu blundered by picking C. It’s B.

3. Which tourist attraction requires the use of embalming fluid?
A Lenin’s tomb
B Mount Rushmore
C Stonehenge
D Hoover Dam
American Karen Ainsley was stone cold with Stonehenge, it is Lenin’s tomb.

4. Homeowners buy surge protectors to protect possessions from surges of what?
A Electric current
B Water flow
C Air pressure
D Buyer’s remorse
US student Chase Sampson flunked this, one, going for B, not A.

5. Which of these phrases is a way of saying “I can’t take it any more”?
A That’s the last stick!
B That’s the last leaf!
C That’s the last straw!
D I’m moving to France!
Paul Galm got stick for picking A. C is correct.

6. “Slightly inebriated” is a common definition for which of these words?
A Milky
B Watery
C Beery
D Teary
American Chris Mazza laughably went for B not C.

7. Snapping selfies in kitchens you can’t afford and taking a “meatball break” are two things Buzzfeed says twentysomethings do on their first trip where?
A Paris
B London
C Rome
D Ikea
Medical student Brenton Andreasik picked C not D.

8. What is a “pecan”?
A Root vegetable
B Nut
C Cut of beef
D Tropical bird
Bird-brained Aussie radio host Michael Wipfli picked D. B is correct.

9. Which of these is not jewellery worn to symbolise a relationship between two people?
A Engagement ring
B Anniversary ring
C Wedding ring
D Onion ring
Aussie teacher Whitney Beseler gave B the nod.

10. What is the minimum number of six-packs you need to put “99 bottles of beer on the wall”?
A 15
B 17
C 19
D 21
It didn’t add up for Nikki Junda who said 19, not the correct 17.

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