Sun worshippers show off the worst tan lines ever after spending a little too much time soaking up rays

Compiled from around the web, the galley lays bare how easy it is to end up red-faced by dubious tan lines.

Unless you sunbathe in the nip you risk being caught out by the sun's unforgiving rays and shamed by what is the ultimate tanning faux pas.

From super-strappy bikini marks or vest outlines to an errant hand across a red raw belly, these pictures should serve as a timely reminder to reach for their SPF.

For these red raw wretches it was too late, their toe-curling sun stencils will have taken as long to fade as their embarrassment.

1.Slap it on mate! 

2. Tan man stripes again!

3.Blazing guns 

4. Moob-ilious

5. Dappy and strappy 

6. Beach bum 

7. What's the back story?

8. What a croc-up!

9. Cap-tan calamity

10. Sporting shorts 

11. Sunny outlook

12.Mark of the beast

13. Hotfooting

14. Red hot property

15. Watch out!

16. Red head 


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