Surfer rescued from monster wave by jet ski rider in nail-biting footage

Nail-biting footage has captured a professional surfer being rescued from a monster wave by a jet ski rider.

Lucas Chumbo, a Brazilian big wave surfer, was tackling the surf at Nazare on the Portuguese coast, where waves can reach up to 98ft.

Video shows him smoothly skimming along the top of an enormous wave before it crests, swallowing him into the ocean.

A jet ski operator who was monitoring his progress was quickly by his side, and Mr Chumbo grabbed the back of the boat to be towed to shore.

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They both had to move quickly as yet another huge wave was building behind them. As the jet ski shot off back to the beach, the second wave broke and covered both the boat and surfer in white water, causing them to vanish for several hair-raising seconds.

Eventually they re-emerged, and could be seen slapping hands in celebration of their survival.

Fellow Brazilian Rodrigo Koxa, 40, also braved the waves at Nazare, with crowds looking on in awe as he confidently rode each swell and remained on his board.

Mr Koxa broke the world record for largest wave ever surfed at the same spot two years ago, when he mastered an 80ft wave during a surf competition in 2017.

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