Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan savage new Brexit boss Steve Barclay after he says Theresa May's deal delivers for Leavers

The pair tore him to bits over the deal, saying he was the "only Brexiteer on the planet who thinks this is a genuine Brexit".

Susanna accused him of being "bought" by the Prime Minister who has given him a job to try and sell the botched deal to MPs and the public.

Yesterday EU leaders signed off on her hated deal, but now she faces the fight of her career to get her own backbenchers to try and sign it off.

Piers Morgan blasted this morning: "The EU has taken us for a gigantic ride, they can't believe their luck.

"They have ended up with a Remainder PM who has delivered the nearest thing to not leaving the EU, and here you are as a Brexiteer, you tell us you’re this firebrand Brexiteer, but all the others say this is a disaster and doesn’t reflect Brexit!"

He went on: "You've been hijacked by the Prime Minister to be the face of something that nobody else likes…

"What’s happened to you Mr Barclay? Where are your principles?"

But the new Secretary of State stuck to his script and said the PM's deal would take back control of laws, money and borders and deliver on the referendum.

He told the show: "It's not about me, it's about the details of the deal…

"This is a good deal for Brexiteers like me.

"It's time to come together as a country, to move on, with this deal that does deliver."

Mr Barclay said the alternative would be to go back on the biggest democratic vote in the country's history and ignore the referendum result.

Yesterday EU leaders said it wouldn't be possible to re-open talks – and the deal on offer was the best we were ever going to get.

Today Mrs May will address MPs in the Commons before embarking on a tour of the UK to try and sell her deal.

She will hold a crunch Commons vote on December 12, The Sun reaveled today.

But if that gets rejected Cabinet ministers are in secret plans to push her to go for EFTA membership instead – like Norway and Switzerland have.


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