Suspect in massive Kings Plaza blaze in police custody

A homeless man who had been banned by a car-dealership lot in Brooklyn started the massive arson blaze that ripped through the parking garage at Kings Plaza Shopping Center on Monday, law enforcement sources said.

A swath of vehicles, including dozens of high-end Mercedes-Benzes that the dealership rented space for at the garage, went up in flames at the large garage in a ferocious blaze that injured 21 and sent huge, black plumes of smoke into the air.

The man once worked for the dealership but had been fired and banned from the premises, according to sources. Out of the 137 cars that caught fire, 132 were Mercedes, the sources said.

Security footage from inside the garage showed the suspect leaving shortly before the fire started, according to police sources.

He was caught on camera sauntering from the scene with his shirt over his left shoulder and his pants hanging off his hips, revealing Izod boxers.

Police tracked him down hours after the fire and have him in custody, sources said.

The seven-alarm blaze — which forced the evacuation of mall workers and shut down the Marine Park shopping center for the day — started at around 8:30 a.m. on the second floor of the four-level garage and took nearly three hours to extinguish.

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