Sweet moment daughter surprises 97-year-old mother with a rescue dog

‘Oh my heart’: Heartwarming moment daughter surprises her 97-year-old mother with a rescue dog

  • Eunice, 97, from the US, was filled with joy when her daughter surprised her
  • Her daughter, Debbie, rescued seven-year-old dog Daisy for her elderly mother
  • Sweet old lady cannot stop saying ‘oh my heart’ as she meets dog for first time

A 97-year-old mother was ecstatic when her daughter surprised her with a new rescue dog. 

In a heartwarming clip shot in the US last week, Eunice is filled with joy and cannot stop saying ‘oh my heart’ when she realizes the little dog is hers to keep. 

Her daughter Debbie decided to rescue seven-year-old Daisy, who had been used as a breeder dog her whole life without a human family to love her. 

Joy was written all over 97-year-old Eunice’s face when her daughter surprised her with a new dog, in heartwarming footage filmed in the US last week

Eunice repeated ‘oh my heart’ and cooed at the sweet little white rescue dog Daisy, who had worked as a breeder dog most of her life

After seeing how much her mother has struggled throughout 2020, she bought her the pup and put a smile back on her face. 

The sweet old lady was forced to put down her much-loved Maltese dog three months before her daughter found Daisy. 

Eunice struggles to get her words out, so shocked by the new arrival, and keeps repeating ‘Oh my god’ and ‘Oh my heart’. 

To begin with she cannot believe the sweet fluffy dog is hers, saying: ‘Oh my god, is she going to stay here?’

Eunice’s daughter Debbie decided to adopt Daisy (pictured together) because her mother had struggled through 2020 and was forced to put her much-loved dog down three months before

Debbie reassures her the little white pup is hers to keep, informing her that she has been planning their meeting for a few days. 

‘Say hi Grandma, this is Daisy,’ she continues, introducing the new companions. 

The pair soon hit it off, in a sweet meeting in which Daisy waits patiently on the sofa to be petted while animal lover Eunice cradles her face and fawns over her.

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