Sweet old rescue dog singing along to Gwen Stefani hit song goes viral

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During the clip, Seely the Chihuahua, is shown sitting in her basket inside a car next to her new owner Carina, who tells viewers she has just given the abandoned dog her new forever home. A voiceover then tells viewers on TikTok: “Just adopted this senior baby and she was holding in her voice until now”.

Carina then proceeds to play the chorus from the 2006 song by the American singer featuring Akon, to which the frail-looking pup slowly perks up.

Clearly enjoying the catching tune, Carina can be heard singing along and encouraging the 13-year-old canine to join in.

As the chorus hits the infamous ‘wooo hooo’ lyric, the tiny dog pauses to take a deep breath and gently tilts her head back to let out a howl that almost matches the pitch perfectly.

Carina then decided to share Seely’s adorable reaction on social media by posting the cute footage onto TikTok.

A caption accompanying the 28 second clip reads: “Wait till the end I’ve never heard a peep out of her… thank you Gwen you got her out of her shell”.

Since posting to the social media sharing platform, Seely’s ‘singing’ talents have been watched over 23.6 million times.

One viewer commented: “I love how its ears perk at the sounds right before she awoos.”

Another TikTok said: “SWEET BABY. Oh my gosh The bond y’all have thank you for saving her.”


Wait till the end I’ve never heard a peep out of her .. thank you Gwen you got her out of her shell ##adoptdontshop ##seniordog @gwenstefani



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